Insulated and Refrigerated K2 Truck Bodies and G2 Trailers

Since 1946, Kidron has been an active partner with the truck transportation industry, committed to designing and manufacturing truck bodies and trailers that can deliver optimum productivity in the distribution of refrigerated cargo.

Our refrigerated distribution K2 truck bodies and G2 trailers — designed for both mechanical and cold plate product protection — set the industry standard for thermal efficiency. Plus, as part of our half-century “partnership” with food service and dairy companies, we are proud of our record for introducing legendary advantages like rugged monocoque construction, foamed-in-place non-CFC insulation, Pressure Pillow Seal™ doors, adjustable compartments and a wide range of labor and cost-saving options.

As the beverage industry grows, so has the demand for refrigeration.  Distributors have turned to additional product lines and new markets to grow business, but delivery requirements and regulations amp up the need to keep quality controlled.  Kidron K2 truck bodies offer a solution for a fully insulated, multi-temp body that carries the same durability and reliability expected in a VT Hackney product.

Kidron International

Kidron products are exported to a number of Latin American countries from assembly factories in the U.S. and Mexico. Kidron bodies assembled in Mexico can be mounted on any of the chassis brands manufactured in Mexico to any country in Central and South America.

Kidron Truck Body

Kidron Trailer