Yes….we understand….times are changing once again. Stuffing crates of shrink-wrapped drinks into the back of a dry freight trailer does have its limitations. Parking your 53 footer at a gas station and blocking fuel pump lanes with your extended liftgate caused your driver more than a few dirty looks. To make matters worse, the growing number of sku items you are now requested to carry has created complexity in how you efficiently organize your route.

The design and concept of the Hackney Dockmaster provides solutions for today’s beverage market and positions you for future change. A durable trailer or truck body solution that combines conventional side bays in the front with a flat, van-type floor in the rear capable of bulk dock loading and unloading. The Dockmaster allows you to carry more product, by not wasting overhead and aisle space that is typical with a dry freight body or trailer.

Dockmaster provides the flexibility to make conventional multi-stop deliveries on the same route as bulk deliveries. Plus, you are no longer restricted from route changes as removable bay shelving and adjustable rear center divides allow you to adapt front bay and rear pallet space to meet your needs.


See the Vintage Hackney and Sons Dockmaster Video From the ‘70s.

Combining rear bulk dock functionality with traditional beverage side bays. Offered in both truck body and trailer models, the Dockmaster combines the best of both worlds.

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